Find and promote people with top talent: be that decisive step ahead of your competitors.

Your recruiting process has never been so quick and efficient: discover applicants with the best talent by using Nubo Recruiting and demonstrate the benefits of working for your company. You select the best applicants, appoint them quickly and can then see whether the new employees are helping to drive your company forward or not. Thanks to Nubo Recruiting you can control the entire recruiting process from start to finish more efficiently - and more quickly than ever before.

Your advantages



Nubo’s patented method ensures your employment offer reaches the right candidates at the right time with the right message.



Tried and tested marketing methods are used to build long-term relationships with suitable applicants and mean you are soon in a position to choose from a large pool of talent. This means you can quickly identify suitable employees.

Select the best
Selection processes are improved as you can compile precise check-lists with the skills required and remotely agree the specialist areas with the person responsible. This makes your decisions fair, well-considered and quick.

Employees become productive sooner

Formalities of all kinds are quickly taken care of. Employees are given direct access to an internal company network where they can find information and discuss matters with specialists and colleagues. They become integrated in the fastest time possible.

Personalised software

Simply transfer your personal branding.


A comprehensive recruiting process which enables you to find the best talent more quickly.

Find the right talent for your company.

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