Motivated employees through fair remuneration.

Time for remuneration management which rewards everyone: With Nubo Compensation you reward your employees according to their performance, enable them to receive bonus payments and motivate them to achieve the highest levels of performance. Great reasons for people with top talent to plan a long-term career with your company. You will also have an overview of remuneration budgets and corresponding compliance guidelines at all times. Processes run in an automated manner and reduce possible sources of error to a minimum. Spur on your employees to always do their best with performance-related remuneration.

Your advantages



You use the intuitive user interface to administer basic salaries and variable salary elements in a simple and precise manner.



Design your remuneration process fairly and transparently from the start with performance-based comparisons covering the whole company. This makes it easy to raise employee commitment.

Better overview
Combine key figures, dashboards and reports from the HR area with other business data to enable you to compile a precise overall analysis of all the salaries being paid.

Keep budget and compliance in view
Automatic monitoring guarantees that salary payments can be reconciled with budgetary provisions. Integrated reports enable you to meet all compliance guidelines reliably.

Efficient and secure data administration
All administrative data is automatically stored at a central location. This saves time, reduces the risk of errors occurring and increases data security.


Using a fair and transparent remuneration model you can show your employees appreciation where it is due.

Reward your employees for their performance.

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